Three types of plug-in resistors commonly used

In electronic products, capacitors are very important, and electronic products cannot be used without capacitors. Among the capacitors, the most familiar ones are safety capacitors, super capacitors, and film capacitors. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about plug-in resistors.


What is a plug-in resistor

Plug-in resistors are also called resistors, generally called resistors. It is a current-limiting element. After connecting the resistor in the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins, which can limit the current through the branch connected to it.

Classification of plug-in resistors

Plug-in resistors are also divided into carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, wire wound resistors, cement resistors, metal oxide film resistors, non-inductive resistors, etc. Commonly used types are carbon film resistors, metal film resistors and wire wound resistors.

Common types of plug-in resistors

Carbon film resistors

It is an ordinary resistor commonly used in the early days. It adopts high-temperature vacuum coating technology to closely adhere carbon to the surface of the porcelain rod to form a carbon film, and the surface is sealed and protected with epoxy resin. It has the advantages of good high-frequency characteristics, good voltage stability and anti-pulse performance, and low price. It is often used in various electronic circuits such as various home appliances, lighting power supplies, and electronic toys.

Metal Film Resistors

The metal film (such as nickel-chromium) is formed on the porcelain rod by vacuum spraying technology, and the metal film is made of spiral patterns to make different resistance values, and the two ends of the porcelain rod are plated with precious metal. Although it is more expensive than carbon film resistors, its advantages are low noise, stability, little influence by temperature, and high accuracy, so it is widely used in advanced audio equipment, computers, instruments, national defense and space equipment.

Wirewound Resistor

Made of high-resistance alloy wire wound on the insulating skeleton, coated with heat-resistant glaze insulating layer or insulating varnish, it has high resistance value accuracy, low working noise, low temperature coefficient, can withstand high temperature, and can still be used in the environment of 170 ℃. It can work normally, so it is widely used in home appliances, medical equipment, military equipment and other fields.

The above are the three types of resistors commonly used in plug-in resistors. I believe that everyone has a little understanding of plug-in resistors. In fact, whether it is a safety capacitor, a super capacitor, or a plug-in resistor, the more you know about capacitors, the less chance you have of stepping on thunder, and you must choose a regular capacitor manufacturer when purchasing capacitors. Reduce the chance of stepping on thunder.